I have three projects on submission right now:

Novel: In Twilight of Invention, an adult epic fantasy set in a world of rival city-states on the cusp of industrialization, elites venerate inventors and their inventions. But economic dislocation caused by the resulting technological progress leads a reactionary Luddite group called the Primitiva to wage war on civilization using ancient, forgotten magic – and one woman must stop them.

Short Story: In “Kimiko’s Lunar Retirement Party,” the chief of staff to the richest person in the world must overcome opposition from the media, the Chinese state, and, most of all, her boss to achieve two dreams: the first, of a human-occupied lunar space colony; the second, of her own early retirement.

Short Story: In “Lady Asakura and the Nine-Tailed Fox,” set in 16th century Warring States Japan, the lady of Ichijōdani Castle must navigate both the politics of war and the mysteries of fox magic.